Once upon a time….   Charity began at home. 

Donate to your own well being first,
then you can better help someone else!

Welcome to Cool Fortunes.  We are a tool designed to help everyone achieve financial security and self reliance.  Cool Fortunes was created out of a need to stop the insanity of losing bitcoin donations from companies that shut down while we were just beginning to succeed.

Would you consider making a one-time donation of $25 in Bitcoin to receive your own Cool Fortunes.

Why keep doing the same things over and over, and expect different results?

We offer honesty, integrity, transparency along with numerous features to assist you in your goals. We could provide you a fancier website with lots of bells and whistles, but that isn’t what Cool Fortunes is about. 

We want you to know you’re safe participating in Cool Fortunes.

We have many years of experience in MLMs and donation platforms, and intend to provide services and features to assist you with funding and connecting with other Bitcoiners.  You may message all participants with funding ideas, sharing ideas and blog whatever content you wish. Your personal blogs will be posted and promoted on many major media sites.

Cool Fortunes is a Friends Helping Friends donation platform.
Though we use a One-Link Sharing System, you decide how much energy you 
are willing to expend to change your current situation and help others to do the same? 

What does it take to participate?
Just a one-time donation of $25 in BTC, which gives you a position in the matrix with an overall potential donation withdrawal of $6,425 which is perpetual.  (No guarantees however, testing is always a continuous process).  Rest assured, we will revise whatever is necessary to have a successful platform that you feel confident to share.

We offer great support, responses are within 12 hours.
We have private Telegram chat rooms, a channel where we can post Cool Fortunes News. Skype and/or Telegram and of course the personal interactions within our own CoolFortunes personal social network.

👉 No hidden levels

👉 Automatic withdrawal when each position is filled per level completed.

👉 New Positions created out of your existing donations for perpetual deposits to your wallet.

👉 Multiple positions per member permitted. 

👉 Usually each member is required to share with at least two friends, however we operate a little differently. We ask you to share Cool Fortunes when you experience excitement and trust us to deliver what we promise.

👉Your donation includes access to our own social media site where you can connect to other Cool Fortunes participants.

👉Your donation also includes a blogging site to share whatever information is near and dear to your heart, which is broadcasted across several social media sites.

Click below to Register and donate. You may also include why you need/want funding, which may include personal expenses to a world changing project.

Are you ready for a lifetime of Cool Fortunes?